Using a mix of NLP and life coaching techniques, I will assist you to:

  • communicate better with yourself at a deeper level, getting you to understand more easily what you really want, and what you are actually thinking and saying to yourself ‘below the surface’

  • eliminate past trauma and depression

  • identify, release and change limiting beliefs and limiting behavioural patterns

  • gain a better understanding of how your brain works, and how to make the most of it

  • shift your dominant focus (perspective of life, yourself and others) to something more empowering for you

  • identify important positive lessons from past and present experiences

  • communicate better with others

  • work better in a team

  • clearly identify goals, and actively work towards achieving them

  • develop skills to assist you to deal with any future challenges on your own (ie. build up your strength and resistance to life’s curved balls)

The combination of NLP and coaching techniques I use are designed to be very 'hands-on' and practical, giving you real tools and knowledge that will empower you to live more positively, and to continue the self-work on your own (into the future).

Please email me to discuss your specific issue and how I can assist you in more detail.

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