Lumina Spark is literally transforming the way my clients tackle their lives. It is one of the fastest “get to understand yourself” tools I have ever experienced, and being able to share it with others has really added invaluable extra satisfaction to my work.

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How does Lumina Spark work?

1) Complete a 20 minute online psychometric questionnaire.

2) Receive a detailed ±42 page document (referred to as your “Lumina Portrait”), presenting your preferences in the way you use 24 qualities/traits.

3) Using your Lumina Spark portrait, I will then conduct a face-to-face feedback and coaching session. A HUGE amount is achieved in this coaching session (a lot more than can be explained here). You will be able to make massive leaps forward in your life and career, even just from this.

4) Should you wish to continue, we will then arrange a follow up coaching session and potentially include some process work to assist with specific challenges.

5) If you would like to use Lumina Spark for your team, the above will apply for each team member, but additionally we will include a group Lumina Spark workshop, focusing on how to use the Lumina portraits to understand team members at a deeper level, how to communicate better with each member and how to use their strengths to achieve the team goals more effectively. The workshop will be developed specifically for you and your organisation, with careful consultation on what your organisation aims to achieve through the Lumina work. It also makes for a fabulous and fun team building experience!

Why does Lumina Spark work?

  • It’s non-judgemental and avoids labeling and boxing people - Lumina Spark measures your personal preference in how you like to use 24 different qualities, rather than trying to work out which “personality type” or box you fit into. Lumina believes that by embracing diversity and our unique, individual behavioural preferences and strengths, we can work much more effectively on our own and in a team.

  • It highlights potential areas of challenge - by understanding how we like to use the different qualities, we become aware of potential blind spots and behavioural derailers. The feedback coaching session then focuses on how we can shift our use of the qualities, in order to avoid being pushed into our areas of stretch.

  • It’s VISUAL and FUN!!!!! Using colours and creative graphics, the ‘portrait’ document is easy to understand, absorb and memorise. This makes it easy to apply and process while continuing with your everyday life and work.

  • It measures us at three different persona levels - the ‘underlying’ (where we feel most natural and comfortable); the ‘everyday’ (who we become when more conditioned, at work or in social settings); and the ‘overextended’ (how our behavioural preferences change when we are under great stress or pressure).

  • It avoids stereotyping, embracing paradox - because it measures the use of opposite traits, it takes a humanistic approach and clearly shows the reality of the movement in behaviour we all have. We are all multi-dimensional, and shift our behaviour depending on a multitude of internal and external factors. And very few of us sit on just one end of the scale at all times!!

  • It gives us a common language to use - most people struggle to clearly express issues pertaining their personal and peer behaviour and internal psychological processes. Lumina Spark gives clients a gentle and kind language that they and their team then can use to openly discuss these issues - this is key to handling deep communication challenges.