I believe that no one and nothing is perfect, but if we endeavour to make something closer to perfect, then we need to start with ourselves.

I use a mix of NLP, Lumina Spark, and Life Coaching techniques to develop a programme that best suits each of my client’s unique challenges and chosen goals. My primary aim is to assist clients in gaining a far greater sense of self awareness, understanding and confidence, as well as developing important skills such as improved communication, deeper understanding and acceptance of others, and how to take action in all spheres of their life. 

I have coached teens as young as 12 years old, and adults well into their 60's - and the results achieved with all of them have been astounding.

I am a COMENSA registered life coach and have been practicing NLP Life Coaching full time since 2012, with a specific focus on personal development, transformation, empowerment and embracing diversity.

I am also a qualified Lumina Spark Practitioner, and use this incredible modern psychometric-coaching tool with both my one-on-one clients and organisational teams.

In addition to coaching, I am an entrepreneur and have been running my own ventures since 2009. Through this and previous work experience (in the marketing/PR and media fields), I have been equipped with a deep understanding of the challenges faced across the range of business spheres. I have had extensive management experience of cross-cultural teams and have built up a powerful knowledge base and tool set, as a result, on building and managing successful teams.

I am extremely passionate about achieving harmony within the individual, the group and the organisation; and I believe that higher performance can be achieved through learning to be more self aware, understanding our peers at a deeper level and taking targeted action towards the goals we set.