What some of my NLP Coaching clients have to say …


Thanks so much for everything you have done and I really appreciate your genuineness and care.

It has really helped me see things differently and accept certain things about myself, others and life itself.

I know I wasn’t the easiest client and you had to deal with other challenges I brought along too.

You are an incredible woman and I really have loads of respect for your honesty, integrity and humble self-assurance.” - Gareth, 33 years old

Taking those first steps towards your coaching practice was indisputably the best decision I have ever made in my life, and certainly the most right path I had ever taken in the right direction, to save myself from crashing like computers do.

Before coming to you, I had suffered for months from dizziness and extreme migraines, and been told different stories by numerous GP’s whose prescription medication never helped me at all. I was feeling confused and lifeless, like the life had been sucked out of my mind, body and soul.

After our first session I felt alive; and though I was still in the dark, I could see a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. I knew there was hope. Suddenly a week to my next session felt too long!!

You helped me to realise that I had never allowed myself to want what I truly wanted, because I could never see how it could have been manifested.

By the end of our sessions I had not only raised my general energy levels, got rid of my dizziness and migraines, but I had also increased my BSC year mark from a ‘C’ average to a ‘B’ average, so that I could go on to study my honours.

What you gave me was a gift of life. The sessions we had, and all the things that I learned from them, are securely locked up where they belong, in my subconscious brain. And no one, with any kind of authority whatsoever, will take that away from me.
” - Busi, 22 years old

NLP coaching with Daniela was recommended to me by a friend and the experience was well worth it! Through an interesting mix of techniques I have discovered a new way of looking at the world and a new approach to living. I now have a resilient core in my being that is like a sturdy self assurance. Best of all I feel empowered to take charge of my life like never before! I am on a new trajectory ... Thank you Daniela.” - Katherine, 42 years old