Here’s what some of my Lumina Spark client’s have to say:

My Lumina course was an eye opener to how I actually operate and am perceived at work.

Through Daniela and Lumina's insights I have been able to call myself out and correct behaviour patterns that I didn't realise were holding me back . In just three months I have seen startling results, I am more efficient, I have freed up a lot of misspent energy which I am able to put into the projects at hand. I am less stressed, able to be more creative in my approach to problem solving and interactions with my colleagues shifted in an incredibly positive way.” - Director of Photography/Director (TV/Film)

The Lumina Spark Portrait has served as an amazing tool for introspection for me as a director and has been instrumental in helping me build better working relationships with my colleagues.

The one on one session I had with Daniela was the most valuable part of the Portrait for me in terms of putting it into perspective, not only did she explain in great detail my qualities, strengths, and potential weaknesses but she suggested things that I could do to overcome them and methods to utilize my strengths.

I'd definitely recommend having a Portrait done if you want to become a better leader or the best version of yourself.” - Director (TV/Film)


The biggest insight I have had (so far) is that I don’t have to force myself to be a ‘boss’ and put my foot down. Lumina Spark highlighted for me that one of my biggest strengths is working WITH people, collaborating with them, rather than simply directing them. So I am now planning my employees’ daily schedules together with them rather than just giving them a list of things to do - everyone is happier, feeling more empowered and creative. Things are going much more smoothly. In addition, having my own creativity flagged has been very good for me, as for so long I have felt that I needed to suppress it - Lumina has shown me that it is in fact the solution to many of my challenges, and that using my creativity more will keep me happier, and thus a more harmonious boss and team player. Lumina has give me license to be a creative being again, which is huge!” - Business Manager (Agriculture)

Daniela's Lumina assessment gave me valuable and surprising insights into who I am and how I approach and deal with certain situations, and how I avoid others altogether. She gave a positive spin to it all, though, and I left feeling empowered with new knowledge on how to improve myself. Will definitely return for a follow up session!” - Animator (Advertising, TV & Film)